Payment methods

  • Cash
  • Bank card
  • SZÉP Card (OTP, MKB, K&H). Any of the sub-accounts can cover the admission price. (Massage ad sauna tickets are only covered by leisure time sub-account).
  • Health Treasury card (valid to balance bath treatments, EXCEPT for medical bath). For further information please contact our colleagues. Main checkout (+3653505000); dispatcher (+3653505009).

Spa and Open-air Bath (29 May 2021 – August 2021)

Type of ticket DailyAfter 4 pmWith "Cegléd Fürdőbarát" card
Adult 2,500 HUF1,800 HUF1,750 HUF
Discount *2,100 HUF1,400 HUF1,500 HUF
Family (2+1)**5,500 HUF3,500 HUF
Family supplementary
/ child
1,600 HUF1,300 HUF
Group (only on
weekdays, min 20
1,900 HUF1,900 HUF
Night Bath (Saturday
/with sauna
2,500 HUF2,500 HUF
Sauna 1,000 HUF1,000 HUF

*Entitled for discount: child, full time student, disabled person when showing documents entitling for discount. The different types of discounts cannot be added up together.

**Family ticket: 2 adults + 1 child or 2 adults + 1 student.

Family supplementary ticket: maximum 3 children or student. Entry is free of charge between the ages of 0 and 3, the age of the child must be proved at the request of the cashier. Children under 14 can only enter the area of the bath with an adult.

The price of adult ticket contains the charge of entry of guests under 3 in the adult’s company.

Medical Massage and Medical Services

(can be reserved only upon doctor’s prescription)

Type of massage Price
Medical massage 30 min3,000 HUF
Medical massage 60 min5,500 HUF
Underwater jet massage 20 min1,900 HUF

Wellness massages

Type of massagePrice
Sale!! Vital package (vitalizing massage 30 min, sauna, bath ticket)4,800 HUF
Abhyanga massage, 30 min3,000 HUF
Aroma massage, 30 min3,000 HUF
Paradise coconut oil massage, 30 min3,300 HUF
Harmony massage for couples, 30 min, only at weekends6,000 HUF
Cleopatra massage, 30 min3,300 HUF
Russian-Tibetan honey massage, 30 min 3,300 HUF
Hot lava stone massage, 60 min5,000 HUF
Anti-stress massage, 30 min3,200 HUF
Vitalizing massage, 30 min3,000 HUF
Vitalizing massage, 60 min5,500 HUF


Further services to improve health

Service Price
Foot massage, 30 min2,700 HUF
Sport massage, 15 min1,700 HUF
Cupping, 30 min2,800 HUF