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Medical Pool bath

Scientific examinations have justified the pain-relieving effect of Cegléd Medicinal water on lower back pain and in the case of complaints caused by knee joint arthrosis (joint cartilage abrasion).

Let us show our experience during declaration of medicinal water:

Examination of medicinal effects of K-343 well 2003-2004

  • Abnormal symptoms and pain of 40 patients suffering from lower spine lesion were lessened by 74% after 15-occasion bath treatment, complaints of 40 knee joint arthrosis patients were eased by 68%.
  • 3 months after finishing the treatments the improvement was still experienced (64% and 77%).

made by Dr Med Tarkó Irén


Weight bath

It is a pulling- traction-treatment. On the basis of the way determined by the doctor, the treatment is done by suspension at the neck or by armpit support and by neck and armpit support. According to the instructions of the doctor, we hang weights on the patient’s waist or ankle with the help of a belt.

The weight bath was invented by a Hungarian doctor, Moll Károly in 1963. It has been applied since then with great success in several medicinal baths such as here in Cegléd Medicinal Bath.

The treatment is perfectly painless, in the hot water the muscles relax, in this relaxed state the spine really softly expands. The substances under pressure (nerve roots, disks etc) are relieved and clearing and straightening of the great joints of lower limbs follow.

It is forbidden to apply weight bath in the case of acute joint or nerve inflammation, disk-dislocation, within 6 months after spine stabilizing operation and that of herniated disk, therefore results of prior imaging examination results (RTG, CT, MR) are necessary to order weight bath.


Medical massage /therapeutic massage/

It is a massage prescribed after medical examination. The treatment is administered according to the instructions of the doctor by the medical masseur.

Basic techniques of Swedish massage are applied during medical massage. With the purpose of pain relief and muscle relaxation, the painful, problematic areas are treated.


Underwater jet massage

The treatment is given in a tub with the help of equipment called tangentor.

This is an underwater treatment prescribed by a doctor. The patient lies relaxed in a tub of water of 34-37 degrees Celsius. The treatment is carried out with proper water pressure (0.5 – 2 atm) and distance, by regulating and gradually intensifying the water pressure. The treatment can cover the whole body or only a given part of the body.


Underwater group physiotherapy

The physical, resistance giving and helping characteristics of water are combined with the effects of physiotherapy. The aim of underwater exercise is to relieve spine and lower limbs, reduce burden, to improve muscle strength and the range of movements, movement coordination and balance. The buoyant force affecting the body in the water moves the relaxed body part or body towards the surface of the water so this way it can generate a passive movement but also it can help active movements towards the surface of the water. This effect can be enhanced by using floating tools that are lighter than water.

Using the power of buoyant force, moving becomes easier. The design of our exercise pool makes it possible to feel safe even without being able to swim.


Complex medical bath care

Only properly examined patients can be transferred to complex medical bath care. The complex medical bath care begins on the day discussed in advance with the medical bath providing the service and happens at the same time every day. The bath doctor keeps a medical record on the patient and at the end of the treatment the doctor dismisses the patient with issuing a medical report.

The document of inability to earn – for the duration of the treatment – is issued by the GP of the patient on the basis of the valid laws regulating this.


Group medical swimming under 18

Medical swimming belongs to the bath treatments, it is 100% subsidized by Health Insurance for under 18s. Swimming in many cases in itself is therapeutical since it has a really positive effect on moving body-parts, circulatory, breathing and nervous systems. The program provides the experience of swimming and regular exercise by water training of children and by internalizing different methods of swimming.

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