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Introducing Ceglédfürdő

Ceglédfürdő opened on 1 May 2003, the opening ceremony was held on 21 June 2003. The Aquapark, the Apartment Park and the Campsite opened in 2005.

It is worth visiting Cegléd not only with the purpose of healing but relaxing as well since the bath awaits guests with wide range of wellness services (further information on Cegléd: The Spa and Open-air Bath offers altogether eleven spa and medical pools, wave-pools and swimming pools for those keen on water.

Beautiful park area, sand covered sports fields and a playground for children adds to these in summer.

There is a direct passage to the Aquapark offering 18 slides, where guests can enjoy extreme giant slides and children’s slides.

It is a real treat to relax in this lovely swimming pool and slide park of Cegléd. Medical water relaxes the body, the swimming pool invites guests for doing sport and the slide park astonishes even the bravest. We kindly offer the Apartment Park and Campsite of the Bath as accommodation.

The composition of the water

We can call Cegléd one of the most excellent thermal towns of Pest county with good reason.

The basis of the creation of the Spa is the thermal water of 54 degrees Celsius from 1000 m under the ground. The water was qualified as medical water in 2004.

It belongs to the group of sodium-chloride-bicarbonate, fluoride and iodide medical waters, which is perfectly suitable for rehabilitation treatment of musculoskeletal, rheumatic complaints and nervous paths. The stimulation from bath treatments activates the ability to defend of the immune system as well.

Component                   mg/l

Potassium                     4

Sodium                         590

Ammonium                  7.2

Calcium                        6.3

Magnesium                   1

Ferrum                          0.12

Lithium                         0.04

Sum of cations              609

Chloride                        400

Bromide                        1.11

Iodide                            1

Fluoride                        1.15

Hydrogen-carbonate     980

Sulphide                       0.4

Phosphate (all)             0.39

Sum of anions               1384

Metaboric acid              14

Metasilicic acid            36

Free carbon dioxide      20.9

Altogether                    2064


Sports fields

  • beach football
  • beach volleyball
  • pool suitable for water polo
  • outdoor games
  • teqball


  • animation children’s programs, age-groups are selected
  • shows and fairs
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