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Caravan package

We recommend the following to guests arriving by caravans and with tents. The prices given refer to one unit (caravan, tent, recreational vehicle,, etc). Within one unit maximum 6 people can require this package offer of ours.

Price:  8,900 HUF/ unit */2 people/night

Price includes:

  • fee of the spot
  • fee for people
  • car parking fee
  • usage of electricity
  • unlimited use of the Spa and Open-air Bath
  • Wi-Fi internet connection
  • During the opening hours of Aqua Centrum we provide 1 day’s admission ticket in the Slide Park after each 2 nights spent here.

*Unit: caravan /recreational vehicle /tent

For further people within the units: 3,800 HUF/person/night (up to maximum 4 people)

More information and booking:

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